Wheezing, Sneezing, Runny Eyes?

Carpet Cleaning in Berkshire - allergiesAllergies – “What Everybody Ought To Know About This Allergy Problem – And How To Solve It!”

Over the past 20 years or so allergies such as asthma have been causing more and more of us to experience those uncomfortable – and in the case of our children in particular – distressing symptoms of allergen sensitivity.

Do You Recognise These Symptoms?

Most symptoms associated with allergies are so common we don’t even realise they are allergies. Symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, sinus pain, runny nose, coughing, rashes, swelling, itchy red eyes and sore throats can all indicate an underlying sensitivity to the allergens. This increase has been blamed on many things including the pollution in our environment. In particular pollution indoors, in our homes. Surprised?

Read This To Discover Why Indoor Air May Be More Pollutant-Lagged Than The Air Outside In Your Street

Studies carried out have identified that the way we now build our homes  means the air inside them cannot freely ventilate out and so can quickly become more pollutant-lagged than ever-circulating outside air. Exhaustive scientific research, (particularly that of Dr John Maunder, formerly of The Medical Entomology Centre at Cambridge), has identified that a very significant factor in our increasing sensitivity and hence suffering from the reaction to allergens, is the House Dust Mite. Now don’t make the mistake of dismissing this little critter just because you can’t see him. No. It’s his very size that contributes massively to the effect he has on our lives. You see the allergen he produces (Der p1 – which is found in his faeces if you must know) is so small and light that it is easily suspended in the air in front of your face for extended periods of time so you can’t help but breathe it in. Once in contact with your lungs the powerful enzyme goes to work making them swollen and sore and increasing your sensitivity to the allergen.


40% Of The Population Are Allergy Sufferers But Don’t Know It.

Take This Simple Test To See If You’re One Of Them.

Although most people don’t consider themselves having an allergy or allergies – over 40 per cent of the population are sufferers – most allergy’s go unrecognised and untreated or symptoms are simply wrongly diagnosed. If you can tick any of the following boxes (or if you recognise the symptoms in any of your family) we strongly suggest you call your Doctor!

Stage 1 Allergy Diagnoses Test. Do you suffer from:

  • Sneezing or Wheezing?
  • Sinus Pain?
  • Runny Nose?
  • Coughing?
  • Rashes Or Swelling?
  • Itchy Red Eyes?
  • Sore Or Dry Throats?
  • Sickness And Diarrhoea?

If you do recognise any of the symptoms described it is possible that you have become sensitised to the Dust Mite Allergen and allergies. Many allergy sufferers think that their allergies are caused not by the House Dust Mite, but by any number of ‘triggers’ like pets, smoking, pollution, pollen, over-excitement or even over-exertion. While it is true that these may ‘trigger’ an allergy attack, they are often not the root cause – the cause is the droppings of the House Dust Mite that pre-sensitise the vulnerable mucus membranes of the respiratory system so that your body is unable to ‘shrug-off’ the introduction of other irritants like cigarette smoke. Your body’s ability to defend itself is already weakened to the extent that you become susceptible to other pollutants (or triggers) that you would usually be able to combat with no (or little) noticeable effect.

Here’s Why You Should Take A Close Look At What’s Sharing Your Home With You

And your bed, and your suite and your carpets and your curtains and the air your breathe! The House Dust Mite’s mouth parts are grouped at the front of the body, resembling a head. It’s body is oval and covered with fine striations. Their 8 (just like their relatives the spider) legs have small sticky pads that enable them to burrow deep into carpet fibres and furniture, resisting the suction of even the most powerful vacuums. You’re most likely to come face-to-face with one in your bed because this is where their populations are often highest – your bed will likely have over 7,000 Dust Mites living in it! Fortunately Dust Mites do not sting, bite or transmit diseases  (although they do look scary). The problem they cause is due to the enzyme secreted in their faeces. Many, many of us are allergic to this protein. The egg-laying female Dust Mites lay 25 to 30 eggs every three weeks. The adult lives for up to 2 months. Numbers explode where there is a humid warm environment

When Dust Mite Numbers Explode, What Happens And What Can You Do To Reduce The Impact?

Dust Mite numbers are rising because they love humid warm environments which is exactly what are centrally-heated, double glazed homes provide. As the number of Dust Mites in your home increase your exposure to the allergy causing enzyme in their faeces climbs dramatically. The digestive enzyme they use to break down their primary food source – your dead skin – is excreted in their faeces. Each mite can produce 20 droppings or pellets per day and each of these will contain 10-12 sub-pellets that contain the still active enzyme. It is these sub-pellets you breathe in and that can lead you to become sensitised to the allergen. And it is this that makes you so much more susceptible to other allergy ‘triggers’ we do Carpet Cleaning in Berkshire.

How An ‘Invisible Shield’ Can Protect Your Home From These Eight-Legged Cousins Of The Spider

PROmite™ kill dust mites and stops their allergens. PROmite™ Dust Mite Eliminator is applied in a fine spray which will cover each and every fibre of your furnishings (including and particularly your mattress) with an ‘invisible shield’ that will kill the mites, stop the allergen and prevent new mites returning. Have a trained professional from the ALLTEC SelectTeam™ apply PROmite™ in your home only if you want to improve your home environment, for you and your family, in the following ways:

Only ask for PROmite™ if you want to:

  • Hound Dust Mites right out of your home. Allergies
  • Slash the incidence of the most common indoor allergen in your home (DEP 1)
  • Dramatically reduce your sensitivity to other allergy triggers
  • Reduce the amount of sneezing, wheezing and runny red eyes you’ve been putting up with
  • Make a positive, proactive contribution to your families health by taking the advice of the British Allergy Foundation

PLUS – When you have PROmite™ applied to your soft furnishings it will include – at no extra cost – one of the best stain protection treatments available. This will give protection from most household soils and spills. The protection doesn’t stop at water-based spills like soft drinks, it will also prevent oily stains from butter and mayonnaise. PROmite™ will make your treated fabrics and carpets look newer and cleaner for longer. Let’s be clear about this. PROmite™ treatment will not stop your item from becoming dirty, although it will prevent soils and spills sticking to the fibres thereby allowing regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the item looking newer and cleaner for longer.

Isn’t Time You Have The Invisible-Shield To Protect Your Family’s Health?

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Some Of The Most ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ By Our Customers

Question: Is PROmite™ safe to be used in my children’s bedroom and carpets they play on?

Answer:  Yes, the active ingredient in PROmite™ is totally safe for humans and animals.  In fact, a similar product is found in children’s Head Lice Shampoos and Insect Repellents we spray onto our skin.

Question: Will PROmite™ cause other problems with my Asthma or other allergy’s I may have?

Answer:  No, PROmite™ has been independently tested and proven not to give an adverse effect to allergy sufferers.  PROmite™ was awarded the Seal of Approval by the British Allergy Foundation in May 2000 as being a benefit to an allergy sufferer.

Question:  I don’t have an allergy, but I do find my chest is tight in the morning and I sometimes wake coughing – will PROmite™ help?

Answer:  Yes, a lot of people don’t consider themselves as an ‘allergy sufferer’ – often the early symptoms of an allergy are not correctly diagnosed.  Many people find PROmite™ helps them to sleep better at night and wake feeling refreshed and healthier.

Question:  How effective is PROmite™ at protecting my family from the Mite allergen and how long for?

Answer:   As the House Dust Mite produces the main allergy found in the home – PROmite™ has been designed specially to kill the mites on contact. We do Carpet Cleaning in Berkshire. Due to the unique way PROmite™ is held onto carpet or fabric fibres it will provide protection for up to 12 months.  However, we strongly recommend you have adequate ventilation, regular vacuuming with a modern ‘high filtration’ vacuum cleaner and periodic professional cleaning.

Question:  What are the other benefits of PROmite™?

Answer:  PROmite™ is carried by a Fluorochemical protector – therefore as well a helping with allergy’s it will stop your domestic spots, stains and retard s the wear rate – keeping your carpets and upholstery looking beautiful longer.
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