Carpet Cleaning Berkshire

Carpet Cleaning Berkshire

Why Choose Abracadabra Carpet Cleaning Services?

Simply put, Abracadabra carpet cleaning Berkshire services are here to make sure that you get the most thorough carpet cleaning Berkshire in the industry or we will give you your money back!  That’s right, we will give you the most hygienic, deep-down clean you have ever seen or we will come back to clean your carpet again free of charge – and if you are still unsatisfied then we will give you a quick and courteous refund!

We want every customer to be sure that their house will be treated with the mindfulness it deserves.  As a long standing NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) member you can feel certain that we take on each job in a thorough and professional manner.  All of our carpet cleaning technicians have passed IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) training courses and are accomplished at all aspects of the job, leaving your carpet visibly and hygienically clean in the safest manner achievable.  Our technicians follow our 10 step carpet cleaning process and always use high-tech carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment and techniques to make sure your carpet gets an exceptional deep-down clean.  We are always ready to give advice to our clients and can even tell you the easiest ways for you to maintain your carpets yourself!

Not only this but we provide a free, no-obligation evaluation for each client and always arrive and depart on time which means there is minimal disturbance to your day.  Your FREE carpet cleaning Berkshire evaluation will involve honest advice and solutions, a thorough health check and a fixed written quotation detailing a variety of options so you have the freedom to pick the package which is most suitable for you.

Carpet Cleaning Berkshire

Additionally to carpet cleaning Berkshire, we provide the a broad range of services:

  • Upholstery Cleaning – Carpet cleaning Berkshire are experts at assessing and testing numerous fabrics so we can make sure your upholstery is cleaned in the safest and most efficient way possible.  For example, we carry out cleaning tests to ensure your upholstery responds safely each time and we also employ a low-moisture cleaning method to obtain fantastic results without wetting the fabric too much.
  • Stone Floor Restoration, Honing and Polishing – Each stone floor is different and so we always carry out an assessment before starting work to establish what precise treatment your floor requires.  Subject to your preference, you may go for either a polished or honed finish.  Our cleaning method uses specialist diamond grinding equipment which can erase many flaws and scratches from your floor.  This gives a matte finish while polishing requires finer and finer diamond grit levels.  This lets light bounce off your stone floor in an even way, producing a shiny and reflective finish.
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing – Our technicians can give your floor a protective finish by stripping it of its old sealer, cleaning the floor and then providing a new sealer to the grout lines or entire floor if needed.  We use high-tech diamond impregnated stripping and cleaning brushes which gets rid of the need for excessively toxic stripping agents.  As such the technology we use is far safer than the majority of others.  Our impregnating sealer produces a long-lasting finish whilst our topical sealer is designed to give an enhanced reflective, shiny finish to your floor.
  • Rug Cleaning – As rugs are constructed in a more complicated way than the majority of wall-to-wall carpets, the cleaning method is a great deal more sophisticated.  Our technicians are therefore IICRC trained to restore each rug type to a hygienically and visibly clean finish in a safe way.  This even includes types of rug that are more difficult to clean!  To make proceedings more convenient for you, we can even commence the cleaning process in your house.  For rugs that are more complicated to clean, we can adopt a specialist approach by taking them to our rug cleaning plant where we can give your rug all the time and attention it needs.
  • Leather Cleaning – Our technicians are specially trained in leather care and can take on all kinds of leather.  We employ the most effective process for optimal cleaning results while ensuring everything is undertaken in the safest way possible.  Our service even includes very specific leathers, such as aniline and NuBuck leathers, which will need a more complex process.
  • Curtain Cleaning – Regular and thorough curtain cleaning can eradicate dust mites and allergens and ultimately create a healthy interior environment for your whole family.  We are experts in curtain cleaning and make use of specialist steam cleaning equipment so your curtains don’t have to be taken down.  This makes the entire procedure far more convenient for you!
  • Mattress Cleaning – Our specialist low-moisture cleaning procedures will give your mattress a thorough and hygienic clean with drying times kept to a complete minimum.  Our use of PROmite will eradicate dust mites for 12 – 18 months in your mattress.
  • Wood Floor Restoration – Waxed wood floor can lose its shine and begin to look aged and faded.  Our skillful team is here to help and we provide a re-waxing and buffing service that is sure to revitalise your floor!

Carpet Cleaning Berkshire

Why Do Carpets Need Cleaning?

Carpets play a crucial role in keeping your family safe.  They serve as a filter for allergy-inducing dust mites and a wide range of airborne allergens and pollens.  The carpets ‘trap’ these particles so they can’t circulate around your house and you cannot breathe them in!  However, carpets progressively become dirty after consistent use, especially if your household includes pets and children.  Continued build up of dirt and soil can prevent your carpet from acting as a filter and all of the allergens it helped to trap are steadily released back into the interior of your house.  Not only this, but your carpet can be marred by both dirt and grit which cut into the carpet fibres, causing your carpet to deteriorate at a much faster speed.

Unfortunately, consistent vacuuming simply isn’t enough to sustain your carpet’s filter and give it the sort of thorough clean required to eliminate all types of allergens, irritants, dirt and grit.  Due to this, in accordance with IICRC guidelines, we recommend that your carpets should be deep cleaned once or twice a year taking into account the conditions in your house.  As well as being healthier for your household, regular cleans from specialist technicians will significantly improve the longevity of your carpets life – so you are saved the expense of having an entirely new carpet fitted in your house!

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If your carpets have not been professionally cleaned in a long time – or maybe haven’t ever been professionally cleaned! – then please don’t wait to call us.  Our skillful technicians are always ready to help and take great pride in their work.  You can have absolute peace of mind that we will respect your home and provide your carpets with the professional cleaning they deserve!

Contact us today on 0118 931 0516.  We have a 24/7 phone answering service so if you call outside of our office hours then we will simply take your details and get one of our experienced carpet cleaning specialists to call you back as quickly as possible.  Alternatively, you can email us at and we will reply as soon as we can.