Commercial Carpets

Commercial Carpets – The top 5 reasons why so many businesses have chosen Abracadabra Cleaning Services to clean and protect their office carpets and chairs:

Commercial Carpets cleaning berkshire1.  Thorough Cleaning – at Abracadabra Commercial Carpets Cleaning Services we use the most thorough cleaning method there is. Some cleaning methods use chemicals that leave a residue on carpets that don’t get the dirt out – they just covers it up short term then make your carpets look dirtier quicker. Our method doesn’t leave a residue and all of my staff are highly training in carpet cleaning.

2.  100% money-back guarantee – we personally ensure that all our Commercial Carpets clients are 100% delighted with our work or we return and re-clean absolutely free of charge.  If a client is still not happy I write them out a cheque for every penny they have spent with us – no questions asked!

3.  Honest pricing – we promise no high-pressure sales gimmicks, no hidden costs. The prices we quote are fully inclusive. There are no extras. The price quoted includes all the solutions, machinery and man-power I need to get the job done right. I only have one standard of cleaning – ‘The most thorough, professional and exhaustive’.

4.  FREE Consumers Guide – We’ve dedicated this business to helping our clients better understand carpet and upholstery cleaning. That’s why we publish The Consumers Guide To Carpet Cleaning.

5.  Allergy Control – We are licensed applicators of PROmite™ the newest and most effective dust mite eliminator on the market – it helps in the office to prevent “Sick Building Syndrome”.

Multi-Van Truck Mounted Cleaning Machines

Below are some pictures of us cleaning the Grovelands Medical Centre in Berkshire using our high-powered industrial truck-mounted cleaning machines! These amazing cleaning machines are fantastic at restoring very highly soiled commercial carpet, leaving it sparklingly clean and healthy again…

Commercial Carpets cleaning Berkshire

One advantage of having a fleet of truck-mounted cleaning machines is that no job is too large. The cleaning process is so efficient and effective very large office spaces can be cleaned in just a single day. We can be flexible around your office hours as well to make sure there is no disruption to your business. Below is the email we received from Chris Maude the Practice Manager:

Dear Abracadabra

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent job you did throughout the medical centre.  The standard was exactly as promised, and the friendliness and efficiency of your entire team is also of the highest standards.

I have used many different cleaning companies in the past, I can say yours is by far the best I’ve experienced.  I look forward to continuing to use your services with our annual contract.


Chris Maude MBA FCMI
Practice Manager
Grovelands Medical Centre”

Texatherm Carpet Cleaning: Dry Within 30-60 Minutes!

Our second method of cleaning carpets is to use our Texatherm System. Texatherm cleaning replaces the extraction & rinse processes of Hot Water Extraction with a dry-clean extraction process.

Our Texatherm Method Has The Following Benefits:

1.  It is one of the most effective methods for extracting dirt from low-profile commercial carpets.  Your carpets will therefore look much cleaner, particularly in the heavy walk-way areas.

2.  We guarantee that carpets will be dry within 30-60 minutes as it is a very low moisture system. Consequently, carpets can be back in action virtually straight away. Since this is a low moisture system stains will NEVER reappear as the carpet dries.

3.  The cleaning process uses a patented technology that heat bonds a stain guard protector to your carpet fibres as it is being cleaned.  Your carpets will therefore not only stay much cleaner for longer but will also be far more resistant to spots and stains.

4.  The Texatherm method is designed to be an efficient way to clean large open commercial carpet areas.  It is therefore possible for us to clean your carpets at a very cost-effective price point thus saving you money.

5.  Unlike other methods the cleaning process is extremely quiet. You could easily make a phone call next to our technician whilst he is cleaning without having to raise your voice! Anyone who happened to be in the office whilst we are working would therefore not be disturbed in any way.

6.  Unlike Van Mounted Hot Water Extraction we will not need to run a hose from a vehicle outside into your premises. All our equipment will be self-contained within the premises itself and thus the security of the premises will not be compromised in any way. We can also use the system anywhere in the building without restriction.

Just look at some of the results we can achieve with our rotary system:

Commercial Carpets cleaning BerkshireCommercial Carpets cleaning Berkshire









 Do you currently employ a professional commercial carpet cleaning service?

At  Abracadabra Cleaning Services all we do is clean carpets and upholstery, so unlike general office cleaners we invest a lot of time and money on the best training and the best equipment.

We can work out a maintenance programme for you with areas of different traffic levels being cleaned at different intervals.

If you would like to see how good your carpet can look after a professional commercial carpet cleaner has cleaned it?  We are offering a free 100 Sq Ft demo if you have over 5000 square feet of commercial carpets that you are looking to get cleaned by us.

Simply call me now on 0800 987 5413 to arrange a free demonstration of our cleaning and a free no-obligation quotation.

Thank you!

James Holt