Rug Cleaning

rug cleaning BerkshireOriental rugs can be defined as a hand woven rug of natural fibre made in geographical areas that include the Near East, Middle East, Far East and the Balkans.  True Oriental rugs also share a common characteristic – the manner in which they’re made. Oriental Rugs are either flat-woven or hand-knotted, threads form both the rug itself and the design.  In hand-knotted rugs, strands of yarn are tied into the flat-woven fabric, creating a pile and pattern. A good quality genuine Oriental rug, properly cared for, can last a lifetime, often enduring to the handed down to the next generation.

Rug cleaning is a largely misunderstood process as many people hold the (incorrect) belief that rugs are nothing more than ordinary carpet and should be cleaned in exactly the same way.  In reality however rugs are constructed quite differently from wall-to-wall carpet and need to be cleaned by a trained specialist.

A specialist rug cleaner will consider many factors prior to the cleaning process:

1.  The rug needs to be assessed as to whether or not it will be cleaned in-situ or taken away for restorative cleaning at a rug cleaning plant.
2.  An appropriate cleaning method must be chosen to ensure that shape distortion or rippling does not occur due to excess moisture.
3.  Delicate pile fibres such as silk must be cleaned appropriately to avoid pile distortion.
4.  Careful consideration must be given to the potential for colour run during the cleaning process.
5.  The floor surface that the rug rests on should be assessed for potential damage and the client advised accordingly.
6.  The fringe must be examined so that it may be cleaned in a safe manner.
7.  The most appropriate technique for the removal of dry soil prior to the cleaning process.
8.  Careful selection of pre-treatment and spotting products must be made to ensure the colour integrity and consistency of the pile.
9.  The appropriate choice of carpet protector must be made to ensure the longevity of the rug (this depends on the nature of the pile and backing).

We Can Clean & Restore All Rug Types…

rug cleaning berkshireAbracadabra Cleaning Services provide a total solution to cleaning all types of rugs.  We are specialists in the cleaning and restoration of traditional Persian, Oriental and Tibetan designs right through to contemporary rugs such as Flokati, Shagpile and Modern Area Rugs.  We even have four different systems for cleaning rugs in-situ in your home.  These range from very high powered van mounted hot water extraction systems right through to dry-clean systems such as dry compound cleaning. It doesn’t matter if your rug has a durable synthetic fibre or a fine delicate silk weave as we have an appropriate system for each and every type.  We can also provide a service where we take your rug away for a restorative clean at a rug cleaning plant and return it back to you once it has been cleaned.  When you use our specialist rug cleaning service you can rest assured that we will do our utmost to return your rug to its best possible condition.  I don’t just want you to be “satisfied” with the results we achieve I want you to be absolutely delighted and we therefore back up every job we do with our 100% money back guarantee thus insuring your absolute peace of mind.