Stone Floor Cleaning

Cleaning & Restoration Of Natural Stone Floors

The cleaning and restoration of the tiles and grout in natural stone floors is a very specialist occupation that requires a very high degree of expertise and knowledge. Every stone floor is different and the processes that are used to clean and restore them reflect this. In the first instance however it is important to understand the difference between stone floor cleaning and stone floor restoration.

Stone Floor Restoration

In simple terms, stone floor restoration describes the process where a stone floor is resurfaced. It essentially involves using specialist rotary machinery to “grind”, “hone”, and “polish” the surface of the stone (the specific process required will vary depending on the desired finish). Depending on the approach taken resurfacing can potentially eliminate imperfections in the appearance of the stone caused by everyday wear and tear. Resurfacing can also provide a much smoother finish and, depending on the type of stone, a level of reflectivity or shine. Since resurfacing a stone floor essentially removes a very small amount of the top part of the stone to reveal “new” untouched stone beneath, it can often restore the floor to an “as new” condition. The process of resurfacing can potentially be a time-consuming and costly option to go for. As a consequence of this it may be more appropriate to have a stone floor “cleaned” rather than “restored”.

Stone Floor Cleaning

Professional stone floor “cleaning” is a slightly more involved process than one might think and normally involves (1) preparing the area to protect all skirting boards, walls, doors, furniture etc (2) stripping the previous sealer off the floor using specialist stripping agents (3) thoroughly cleaning the floor using a combination of rotary agitation machines and high-pressure van-mounted rotary rinsing machines (4) applying a new professional grade sealer (normally several coats). This four stage process, whilst quicker and cheaper than “restoration”, will still normally take several days to complete. Stone floor cleaning is however a very effective way to give your floor a “thoroughly clean looking finish” and in certain cases the sealer can be chosen to give the floor a degree of shine or colour enhancement. Furthermore, a high quality sealer (i.e. one that is designed to deeply “impregnate” the pores of the stone) can protect a floor for many years. Stone floor cleaning does however have the limitation that it cannot reduce or eliminate scratching, or physical imperfections on the surface of the stone.

Should I Have My Stone Floor Cleaned Or Restored?

Abracadabra Cleaning Services inspect every stone floor job before any work is done and provide a full written assessment and quotation for you to consider. There are many factors that will influence what the process will be best for your floor and we will run through all the options with you so that you can make a well-informed decision on how to proceed. In most cases however stone floor cleaning can give fantastic results that completely transform the look of the floor. In short, stone floor cleaning provides an extremely cost effective alternative to “restoration”. Consequently, Abracadabra provide a range of different stone floor cleaning options which will serve most people’s needs. If you would like more information on our stone cleaning services, or would like a free quotation, call the office now on freephone 0800 987 5413.

The Consumer Guide To Stone Care

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How Well Does Cleaning Really Work?

Our cleaning methods are VERY effective at getting dirt out of stone floors. Have a look at the picture below of an entrance to a commercial building with marble tiles. The level of dirt and staining in this area was very heavily built-up and certainly much more severe than would be found in your average domestic home!

stone floor cleaning berkshire

The second picture below is of us agitating the same floor area using a rotary machine. The floor has already been stripped and a cleaning solution has been applied to loosen away the dirt. Even though we have not yet rinsed the dirt off the floor it can clearly be seen that the in-ground dirt has been completely broken down by the pre-treatment process. If we can achieve results like this on this floor just imagine what we can do on your floor!

stone floor cleaning in Berkshire